Due to the current COVID-19 virus situation, our restaurant will be closed for an indefinite period from November 16, 2020. Thank you for your understanding!

The fast-paced world of the 21st century…

… and a stressful lifestyle is not good for our bodies.

Are these familiar?

You don’t lose weight, even though you just drink coffee …

Eating five times a little doesn’t work, you don’t lose weight, but you even gain some …

A diet full of dairy and whole grains doesn’t work …

You’re bloating and feeling unwell …

You have thyroid problems and insulin resistance …

Not to mention high blood pressure and other common diseases…

That is what we are for.  To help you eat better, richer in nutrients, foods that don’t take your energy away but increase it.

The staff and menu at Kitchen of Health have been put together for your benefit.

We can contribute to your well-being with our fresh, locally made, crispy food.  Here, the food is real!

The human body is namely not a trash can to throw everything into and get away with it.

What can the daily consumption of fast food or cheap, low-nutrient foods, in addition to sedentary work, cause?

Often sick, dropped out of work, unmotivated, reluctant, overweight, coffee and energy drink addicted colleagues.


How can we help prevent this from happening?

With our food: fresh and delicious lunches that meet our basic principles, which means that they are truly rich in nutrients.

And then?

As a result, an improved mood, better energy levels, better body composition, greater motivation, a desire to work or play sports, quit excise goods, and greater performance can occur, as the many years of nutrition counselling experience behind us so far show this!

  • It is rich in nutrients
  • and made from fresh ingredients.
  • It does not contain additives
  • or gluten.
  • There are no dairy products,
  • no soy,
  • no corn,
  • and no sugar in it.

In addition to this, we can offer you incredibly delicious and healthy food!

If you want to know why these ingredients should be avoided, you can read more about it here >>

Eat healthy! Stay healthy