We are looking for an investor to open our unique healthy fast food restaurant in the world!

Why is our investment offer not to be missed?

  1. Health has never been so important. It is in the interest of all of us.
  2. It positively influences people’s opinions. Increases reputation.
  3. Humanity will be grateful for the opportunity and the results. Long – term residual value.

Looking for an investor

Not a cliché: You are what you eat – health is the new wealth

Before we explain exactly what this means, please allow us to invite you for a little time travel.

Imagine that many thousands of years ago people were healthy, they did not struggle with the diseases of civilization (not just because civilization was a concept that did not exist at the time), they weren’t overweight. The greatest dangers lurking for them were possible infections and diseases from the injuries after the attacks from wild animals.

Their physique was proportionate, muscular, agile. This was true not only for men but also for women. Everyone had a role to play, men hunted, fished, and women collected, and processed meat captured by men.

HOW WONDERFUL IT LOOKS, RIGHT? At least as far as physical health is concerned – other dangers do not cut into our topic.

What does all this have to do with healthy eating? The question is legitimate.

We believe that the man of the modern age in the world needs nothing more in terms of nutrition than to return to the roots, the ancient foods.

We believe that the man of the modern age in the world needs nothing more in terms of nutrition than to return to the roots, the ancient foods.

If people finally understood that they really did not need processed ‘food’ in the food industry and even left them out, they could finally start to feel good in their skin.

However, fast food is indeed very convenient, and most people won’t even notice during or after their everyday rush that these dishes are the wolf in sheep’s skin because they have no time to cook REAL food at home. This is explained with the lack of time, which is, let’s face it, a real problem for all of us. Therefore, they quickly take off the shelf the semi-finished product, enriched with preservatives and all other non-food items, and then put it in front of the family, including the children, in the form of dinner.

Civilization and ancient customs go well together - in the kitchen as well

We also know that it is not easy for many to identify with this approach.

Meanwhile, the 21st century is an age of diets, the desire to meet, and maximalism.

In the digital world, which accounts for at least 60% of the modern people’s life, the most beautiful women and men with the perfect six-pack say hi from each platform. Everything everyone suggests that slenderness is fashion, and it does not matter how much it costs. And to achieve this goal, diets and various weight-loss miracle cures are advertised, which the naïve (and willing to lose weight fast) people want to buy. Of course, they do not look at how deeply they reach into their pockets for that – but that is just the minor trouble. Unfortunately, they do not even look at what these products, called magic spells, are made of.

To look good at all costs – AT ANY PRICE – is one of the people’s main desires, until they see the damage to their health – which is likely to happen soon with today’s diets and extreme diets.

It is a little better direction when you face something that says you have to change your lifestyle. This is where the key begins to fit into the lock, as we cannot expect long-term results without a – PERMANENT – lifestyle change. It does matter though in which direction this process starts to go.


The moment has come for us to turn back to the prehistoric man and his life partner, the prehistoric woman. Their way of life was IDEAL for them. They ate food that grew in their environment. Hunted animals living in the area were eaten from their ears to their tails. They were happy and balanced. Many of their children were born and did not have infertility problems. Women did not gain weight during pregnancy, and even after giving birth, they were most worried about how to get rid of the “excess” – since they did not even have it. If so, she was quickly waved goodbye during breastfeeding.

We, the civilized people of today, have come a long way from this smart man, not only in time but also in thinking. Why do I say that the prehistoric man was smart? It is very simple. Because the prehistoric man listened to his instincts. He accepted what nature had to offer him — apparently, he had no choice.

If you do not have time to cook, come and eat at our place!

More and more of us are faced with the fact that we simply do not have time to cook. This is no wonder because we are constantly rushing and when the family is finally together in the evening, we do not want to continue our day in the kitchen instead of finally being with our loved ones.

We have good news: we offer you a solution for this too!

You also have the option to order, which means if it is more convenient for you, we will deliver healthy food to your home. We dreamt about this idea for a long time now, and we decided it was time to make the dream come true.

What makes this different from a regular menu? From the fact that the recipes are made based on simple, yet special guidelines we have set up. It is important to know that we are not just striving to make healthy meals in general, but we have also made sure that even those with individual food allergies or food intolerances can boldly and tastefully eat all simple yet completely safe meals.

One of our most important principles is that we do not keep any gluten-containing ingredients in our kitchen, so gluten-sensitive people can consume anything with complete peace of mind, as we guarantee them gluten-free.

Of course, if we look out for the gluten-sensitive, then those who are sensitive to milk protein and lactose also deserve to be paid attention to as well. Accordingly, the food we offer is free from all kinds of dairy products and dairy derivatives.

One of the horrors of today is slowly more and more popular becoming autoimmune disease, which has several varieties. One thing is for sure: paying attention to nutrition can keep autoimmune diseases in check. That is why we strongly recommend Kitchen of Health to those who suffer from it, as it is especially good for them not to use:

  • sugar,
  • soy,
  • corn,
  • cooking oil,
  • various additives,
  • pre-packaged, processed products,
  • pork.

However, what they need to pay attention to is that we use eggs, erythritol and tomatoes.

We guarantee that we use only premium ingredients in the preparation of meals, such as:

  • coconut fat
  • pale oil,
  • olive oil,
  • fresh meat (chicken, beef, duck),
  • salmon,
  • crab,
  • eggs,
  • seasonal vegetables,
  • sweet potatoes,
  • roots,
  • beets,
  • avocado,
  • green banana flour,
  • rice,
  • green spices,
  • citrus fruits,
  • erythritol,
  • banana,
  • blueberry,
  • Himalayan salt.

Franchise network for those dedicated to healthy food

Our vision is to have at least one Kitchen of Health fast food restaurant first in Budapest and then in the big cities of the world, with which we want to achieve the goal of providing those who want to eat healthily with a world-class opportunity.

Bringing together ancient nutrition and the technology of the future

We believe that ancient nutrition and the technology of the future complement each other perfectly, so these two things will definitely appear together in the spirit of the Kitchen of Health.

In connection with this, our long-term plans include the establishment of small farms near our future franchise partners. These farms will grow crops and keep animals that meet the country’s climate and the real needs of the people who live there. This idea was inspired by the fact that the human body needs nothing more than locally grown, high-quality vegetables and fruits grown in the soil, as well as the meat of animals that are also grown locally.

We plan to implement these economies not only in Hungary but also abroad.

As Hungary is full of high-quality arable land that is currently unused, these lands can be used perfectly for our long-term goals.

Well-thought-out vision, defined goals, and mission

Our vision is to have at least one Kitchen of Health fast food restaurant first in Budapest and spread our franchise network worldwide as we contribute to keeping people healthy in the long run.

Our goal is to make Kitchen of Health and BocsiViki internationally known and recognized brands by 2023.

We also aim to help as many people as possible to be accurately informed about how their bodies work. We will also be a help to them in how they can support the functioning of their bodies through their nutrition. To make this happen, we are creating an internationally operating network of advisory and franchised fast-food restaurants.

The vision and goal cannot be complete without our mission to give our clients an accurate and well-understood picture of how their bodies work. As a result, they will be aware of the differences in nutrition, their connections, our policies.

Why shouldn’t people eat healthy fast?

So, we consider it our mission to give all the help to those who turn to us through the Test, the e-book, and the personal Recommendation to achieve the most optimal functioning of their bodies.

Looking for an investor

We are looking for investors to open the world’s first healthy fast food restaurant in Budapest. The technology is ready, the business plan is ready. You just have to do it!

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Be part of the new world!

If we have piqued your interest and would like to be a part of a good cause, contact us!
Viktória Bocsi owner/manager: +3670 326 7888
Ágnes Loksa owner/manager: +3670 431 7736

The consequence of a healthy life, the strength of the brand

We believe that by recognizing the importance of eating “clean,” healthy foods, people can initiate positive changes in humanity’s lifestyles that will result in a lasting improvement in the quality of life.

We have realized that the human body only works well if it has access to the food it needs. Be our partner on this journey, love yourself, respect your body so much that you ensure you have access to the food you need!

The more people the Kitchen of Health and the BocsiViki name reach, the greater the chance that healthy, muscular, agile people will live on Earth again as they did in prehistoric times. Plus, you no longer have to worry about the wildlife or non-important infections…

Realize it together, be a part of this new world! Let us do good together for the survival of humanity.

Contact us!

Be part of the new world!

If we have piqued your interest and would like to be a part of a good cause, contact us!
Viktória Bocsi owner/manager: +3670 326 7888
Ágnes Loksa owner/manager: +3670 431 7736

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