Kitchen of Health

Due to the current COVID-19 virus situation, our restaurant will be closed for an indefinite period from November 16, 2020. Thank you for your understanding!

Kitchen of Health, the first nutrient oriented restaurant!

Viki Bocsi, a well-known nutrition consultant, opened a health-conscious bistro in 2017 under the name Kitchen of Health. The name is in English as the long-term goal is to expand abroad. As the name implies, she wants to make the cuisine of health accessible to everyone, and fortunately more and more people now take the position that you are what you eat. Viki has spent a long-time studying nutrition and after developing her own nutrition method, she teamed up with professionals that have a unique knowledge. The base of her method is that people reaching out to her don’t only get a general description in line with today’s views but rather get a completely personalised guide based among other things, nutrition type, hormone type and other personal metabolic factors.

In June 2018, Viki was joined by Ágnes Loksa, who took over the practical side of running the bistro, managing its day to day. Ágnes herself suffers from gluten intolerance, therefore it is pivotal importance for her that Kitchen of Health does not replace foods that originally contain gluten with a gluten-free alternative, but simply omits them entirely from the meals. By spring 2019, the bistro has grown so rapidly that the decision had to be made to move to a larger location. This was accomplished in November 2019, when Kitchen of Health moved to a much larger, more restaurant-like location under 63 Dohány Street in district VII. This is how the restaurant Kitchen of Health was born, and is today suitable for family, friends and business gatherings.

Viki’s guidelines are quite specific when it comes to eating healthy, therefore it is not surprising that these guidelines are used for the meals prepared in Kitchen of Health. The main priority for a gluten-sensitive person is to avoid any food containing gluten. Gluten-sensitive people who visit’s Kitchen of Health can choose any dish on the menu as we guarantee that none of the items contain even the slightest trace of gluten. Also, good news for people suffering from lactose and milk protein sensitivity, there are no dishes on the menu that contain milk or dairy products. We don’t use pork as an ingredient as it has a high Omega 6 fatty acid content, which if overweighing the Omega 3 fatty acid  that can cause inflammation in the human body.

All dishes are prepared with premium ingredients. Coconut fat, pale oil, olive oil, fresh meat (chicken, beef and duck), salmon and shrimp, eggs, seasonal vegetables, sweet potatoes, beets, avocado, green banana flour, rice, herbs and citrus fruit, banana, berries, Himalayan salt and erythritol. These, and nothing else.

They work only with premium quality materials and staff undergo special training to maintain the proper quality and guidelines.

So, everything is given to make this pleasant, cosy and welcoming place a favourite of many.

Kitchen of Health is priced higher because of premium quality ingredients, but there is also a discounted menu every day until 3 pm. Although it is advisable to hurry with a menu order, as it happens more and more that it runs out an hour earlier. The menu consists of soup, main course and and costs 2990 Ft (8,5 EUR approximately).

Thanks to its good location, many tourists come to visit us, but more and more people order over the phone and via Wolt. Currently, we are only able to deliver to nearby districts. But future plans include targeted delivery to the surrounding office buildings and the creation of franchise units in more distant districts to bring fresh food everywhere.


KItchen of Health Restaurant

Address: Dohány street 63. Budapest 1074

Telephone: +36 70 676 3927